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Promoting Mental Health Awareness

A Note from the MLSAAF Team

Thank you once again for your interest in MLSAAF!


The Covid-19 pandemic impacted all communities and people; however, the Asian American community was further burdened with racial prejudice that led to heightened anti-Asian racism and hate crimes targeting Asian Americans. In such challenging times, it is even more important to take care of our mental health. If you, or someone you know, are experiencing difficulties and need to reach out, please use the resources listed below.

We encourage you to ask questions and seek out care for your mental health. Reaching out to someone when you or someone you know needs help can make all the difference.


Here are some resources that you may find useful for your mental health. If you have any questions regarding the provided information, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

- The MLSAAF Team -

Healthcare Provider Spotlight: Dr. Jenny Wang, PhD

About Dr. Wang:

Dr. Jenny Wang is a psychologist who specializes in psychotherapy centered around the development of awareness and mindfulness. In addition to her practice, Dr. Wang is a strong social media advocate for mental health awareness, with particular care and attention being provided to AAPI, LGBTQ, and other minority communities and communities of color.  As such, the MLSAAF team would like to highlight some of the resources that she offers on her social media platforms:


Find below:

1. Asians for Mental Health (Instagram): Asians for Mental Health is an Instagram page that Dr. Wang started in which she shares informational slides, anecdotes, and message of support – all of which seek to provide awareness and visibility to mental health within AAPI and other under-represented communities. 

2. Asians for Mental Health (Website): The Asians for Mental Health website provides a directory of healthcare providers by state which may be more culturally oriented for Asian American individuals.

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