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In the summer of 2013, the MLSAAF team conducted a Pretest Survey of 680 individuals: 186 Korean American (KA) youth and 186 KA parents, and 155 Filipino American (FA) youth and 155 FA parents, all living in the Chicago Metropolitan area. The primary purpose of the Pretest Survey was to refine culturally accurate questions to use in collecting longitudinal data for the official MLSAAF survey, to start Fall 2014. A summary of the Pretest is below. 


Sample Survey Questions


In survey questionnaires, we asked how youth and their parents interacted with one another, what kinds of things parents thought as important, and important Korean/Filipino values emphasized in their family what might be appropriate ways to raise children (in survey participant’s opinion and in Korean/Filipino cultural norms) and how parents raised their children and their relationship with them.


Sample Characteristics


  • Parents

Average age:

46.72 years old for Filipinos

46.56 years old for Koreans


Percentange of foreign-born:

90% for Filipinos

100% for Koreans


Average years of living in the U.S.:

19.43 years for Filipinos

16.11 years for Koreans


Percentage of parents with college education or more:

80% for Filipinos

60% for Koreans


Percentage of parents reported unemployed:

7% of mothers and 5.6% of fathers for Filipinos

33.8% of mothers and 9.7% of fathers for Koreans


Percentage of families reported having received free/reduced-price school lunch:

11.3% of Filipinos

17.2% of Koreans


Percentage of parents reported annual household income less than $49,999:

35.9% of Filipinos

42% of Koreans


  • Youth

Average age:

15.60 years old for Filipinos

15.28 years old for Koreans


Precentage of high school students:

78.1% of Filipinos

65.6% of Koreans


Percentange of U.S. born:

70% for Filipinos

57.2% for Koreans


Average years of living in the U.S.:

6.42 years for Filipinos

8.08 years for Koreans



Pretest 2012

Official MLSAAF Characteristics

Find below the demographic information of participants in the MLSAAF study across our numerous waves. A brief summary of this information can be found directly below:

Average Age of Youths:

15 years old in 2014-2015

16.5 years old in 2016

18 years old in 2018

20 years old in 2021

Total Retention of Participants

78% from Wave 1 to Wave 2

82% from Wave 2 to Wave 3

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