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The ML-SAAF team is working hard to provide you with survey results. New survey results will be posted on this page regularly.

ML-SAAF Study Results

Defining Family Boundaries.
ML-SAAF results show that Filipinos tend to think more expansively about family than Koreans. The majority of Filipino respondents chose all possible members listed in the survey as their family members, while most Koreans chose cousins to be the last members of their family. Click on the slideshow at the left for more results.
*Note: The results presented here correct a typo in the November newsletter (i.e., 4.49% and NOT 14.49% of youth participants chose parents and siblings as the boundary of their family members). Additionally, the data here presents both youth and parent responses, whereas the data in the November newsletter reflected only youth responses.
Language and Identity.

Our study participants reported varying levels of comfort with English, Tagalog, and Korean. See this accompanying slide for how these comfort levels correlated with participants' sense of identity. Unless otherwise indicated, "participants" refers to both parent and youth. Click on the slideshow at the left for more results.

Demographic Information.


Curious about our study participants? Click on the slideshow at the left to see:

  • Percent of parents that are college graduates;

  • Percent of parents that work full-time;

  • Years in the U.S. for parents; and 

  • Religion of parents.

Data Collection Update.

ML-SAAF community outreach workers and interviewers have labored to recruit 1578 Filipino and Korean participants for this groundbreaking study. 

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